Augmented Reality Hits Your Phone

Augmented reality is a new technology that allows people with GPS and camera capable phones to visually gather information about things around themselves.  For example, if you’re standing in the middle of Times Square, you can turn augmented reality on, point your phone towards the ESPN Zone restaurant, check out their hours of operation and even call them to make a reservation.  Very cool technology that i don’t think has been fully developed.
Tagwhat is the next step in augmented reality.  Here’s the description from the developers:
Tagwhat users place digital tags anywhere on the Earth, from their street corner to another continent. By simply holding up the camera view of a mobile device (iPhone or Android), geo-contextual tags from pre-selected friends and community members become visible. Walk down the street and Tagwhat reveals a wealth of relevant information, discussions, and deals — such as a coupon for a nearby establishment, a discussion thread for a meet-up with friends, and a restaurant review about a sushi place around the corner.
So, how could this apply to the San Diego Traveler?  Imagine you’re at a trolley stop.  You point your phone in the direction of a north-bound train.  Up pops information about the routes heading in that direction.  Turn around 180 degrees, and up pops information about routes heading in that direction.  The information could include time until the next train arrives, where the trains are going, alerts about service interuptions, or even user added tips about a particular train (for example, “This train is always late.  Plan accordingly so you don’t miss the first pitch at Petco!”).

It will take some time for this technology to take hold, but once it does, I think we are looking at the future of how we interact with our surroundings!
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